Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whetstone Creek CA, Callaway Co.

Back on 04 June I decided to stop at Whetstone Creek Conservation Area in Callaway County on my way home from St. Louis. I hadn't really gone fishing at all since May 2013, and I hadn't gone microfishing since early April 2013! Whetstone Creek CA has a nice stream (Whetstone Creek) flowing through it, so I thought I'd stop there and see what I might turn up.

Unfortunately, Missouri was just starting its rainy period that week and Whetstone Creek was a raging flow of very muddy water. I had to abandon my microfishing hopes and instead focus on trying to catch a few fish in Horseshoe Lake, one of the small lakes in the area.

I pulled out the fly rod Diana's uncle gave me last Christmas and started throwing surface flies into the wind. I had a few hits on the fly right away, but nothing was really grabbing it. After about 20 minutes I switched to a smaller fly and landed a small Bluegill, my first fish in over a year!

I forget what this fly is called, but it works with sunfish whenever I'm getting skunked on everything else!

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