Tuesday, June 23, 2015

South Farm R-1 Lake, Boone Co.

The best place I know of to catch big Bluegill around Columbia, Missouri is my farm pond! This pond sits just southeast of where we planted our research fields every summer, so I was able to visit it frequently over the years. If you head to the dam on the south side and throw flies or little rooster tails about 30-40 feet from shore you'll start catching ~8" Bluegills left and right. I feel like there should be some monsters in there, but the best I ever managed was a 9 1/16" individual in June 2012.

Still, with my time here winding down I decided to visit 12 June before we planted the corn field. It started slow, but once I figured out the fish were hitting surface flies (a little foam and feather "ant" pattern I tied worked best) I did alright.

I only photographed the first fish (a bit over 8"):

I love how these guys fight like they're about four times their size. This one only weighed 5 oz.!

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