Sunday, October 16, 2011

Henry Sever Lake, Knox County and Salt River, Shelby County

I was off to Henry Sever Lake in Knox County this morning in pursuit of my first Muskie.

The wind started out fairly calm, around 5 mph, but after an hour and a half it started gusted upwards of 28 mph! Gusts that strong were definitely not in the 6am forecast when I left the house!

I hightailed it off the lake without drawing a nibble nor seeing a single fish. I ran into a couple other guys in motor-powered boats and felt better after hearing they had both been skunked as well.

Since I had to drive right past an access point to the North Fork of the Salt River on the way home I opted to take a break from driving and see what I could catch.

The river looked great. It was full of deep holes and had a few riffles emptying into pools...but there were no fish. I made cast after cast and came up with nothing. I switched lures and still came up with nothing. 

Well, not nothing. I caught something like this on almost every cast:

Eventually, I saw a small fish make a dash for my Rooster Tail right as I pulled it out of the water. Thinking it might hit it if I spun it a little slower, I repeated my cast. Boom! The only fish of the day, a 6 3/8" White Bass.

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