Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three Creeks CA, Boone County

Despite the cold (35°F) weather, I opted to visit the Bonne Femme Creek at Three Creeks CA (Boone County) this morning. I know of a few deep (>6 ft.) holes that aren't too far apart, so I headed out in hopes of catching my first winter fish.

After a short walk down the trail you're greeted by a view from the top of the cliff. I enjoy the vista because it looks like there is no sign of human activity for as far as you can see.

A little more walking brings you down to the creek. The Bonne Femme eventually drains into the Missouri River, but it has many miles to go from this point. Just upstream from the point in the photo the Bonne Femme connects to Turkey Creek and Bass Creek.


I took my 4 weight fly rod this morning, and I started out with a bright orange wet fly that I tied last winter. I made a few casts into the first deep hole and noticed it was bouncing around underwater. Fish!

I watched the fly on a few more casts and decided I needed something a little smaller, so I switched to a size 12 nymph. The first cast brought in my first winter fish ever! A 5" Creek Chub.

Another few casts resulted in a similar sized fish, and a third Creek Chub (5 15/16") was eventually caught.

Despite about a mile of creek walking, the only fish I even saw were Creek Chubs and Orange-throated Darters. Still, it was nice to get out again for the first time in ~4 months and catch a few fish.

Next weekend, weather permitting, I hope to take the kayak to Little Dixie Lake CA with my new wetsuit and fish finder!

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