Monday, May 16, 2011

South Farm R-1 Lake, Boone County

This evening I fished at South Farm R-1 Lake near Columbia in Boone County. This little lake is owned by the University of Missouri, but stocked by the Department of Conservation and open to the public for fishing.

The south end of the lake is rocky, the east side is mowed grass, and the rest gets pretty weedy by the end of the summer. The "lake" is also already filling up with algae, so it may not be a fun place to fish in a few weeks.

Yesterday, I was able to pull out a few 8+ inch Bluegill, but today was pretty slow.

This evening I used my MicroLite with 4 lb. mono-filament and I brought in a 9 1/4" (~6 oz.) Largemouth Bass on an orange 1/16 oz. rooster tail on my third cast, then went the next 70 minutes without landing anything. I had bites on a pink 1/16 oz. rooster tail, a 1 1/2" Rattlin' Rapala, and mini hopper crank bait, but couldn't bring anything in.
I also had a line with a Carolina rig trying for catfish, but had no luck with cheese scented Catfish Charlie dip bait. I think the big problem with this rig was that it was smothered in algae every time I brought it back to shore to re-cast. 

South Farm R-1 Lake might have some decent fish in it, but the excessive amounts of algae (already!) were enough to make me not want to head back any time soon.

12 mph NW wind
Time Fishing: 6:45pm-8:10pm (Sunset 8:15pm)

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