Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grindstone Creek, Boone County

The South Fork of Grindstone Creek flows just behind our home in Boone County. It's not very big, but it has a few decent-sized pools. My favorite pool is about 250 meters away from the house. I'd guess it's about 20m long, maybe 10m wide and probably about 3m deep at best.

I took my 7' 6" 4 wt. fly rod with a self-tied chartreuse and white Clouser minnow (size 10) to see what might be around this Spring. In the past I've found ~12" Largemouth Bass, a smattering of panfish and some medium-sized Creek Chubs in the pool.

The Creek Chubs were there tonight. I only brought one all the way in, but I could see about a dozen or so swimming around the murky water. I also caught two of the smallest bass I've ever brought in on a hook. The first is estimated to have weighed only 0.8 ounces!

7 mph NE wind
Time Fishing: 5:40pm-6:00pm

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